This is a blog or, blygge, dedicated to the lifestyle that is Hygge, born out of, not just a love of Scandinavian dramas, furniture and knitwear, but curiosity.

After receiving not one, but two copies of The Little Book of Hygge this Christmas and having been made to question my own state of happiness and wellbeing, I am on a mission.  Can this self-help sceptic adopt and implement a mind-set and culture, foreign to her own, all in the name of being happy?

The Danes famously make, probably, the best lager in the world but they are definitely, according to recent reports, the happiest people in the world.  This export, along with butter, bacon and Borgen are something which I’m willing to give a whirl in the pursuit of happiness.  Join me as I do what Alice once did and fall down that rabbit hole and drink it all in … much like that famous superlative beer.